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Builders of experiences

The architects and planners at Hutchison Smith Architects do more than design buildings, they craft unique experiences that enhance the way individuals live, relax, shop, work, teach and learn. By carefully considering the way that site, space, light, material, and movement effect people and the activities they're engaged in, HSA can deliver a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts for your next building or dwelling.

Offering cutting edge experience

De Etta Ewing and Kevin Morley recently joined Don Hutchison, Bob Smith, and the team at Hutchison Smith Architects. They have been collectively partnering with clients to create effective and exciting results for three decades. Thoughtfulness and passion, coupled with the ability to recognize opportunities for creative solutions, are the hallmark of their designs. Whether your next project is high-end or budget-constrained, each special consideration is viewed as a creative opportunity to provide a custom solution designed to fulfill your needs and goals.

Architects with perspective

The HSA team is experienced at a wide variety of projects across the American West, throughout the United States and abroad, bringing insightful innovation to your design and expertise to your construction details. Our zeal and aptitude for the latest digital tools, coupled with our decades of experience creating commercial, public, and residential spaces, are what make HSA unique among architects and builders. Drawing from this diversity of experience will allow us to bring new ideas and solutions to your next project.

Our clients come first

Whatever your story, understanding you and your goals provides the inspirational building blocks to make your unique dream a reality. Much of our work comes from returning clients who value the attentiveness we pay to their needs, and the value our team adds, in what we consider to be a deeply collaborative effort from conception to completion.

Partners on your next project

Contact us to schedule a time when we can discuss what you would like to achieve on your next commercial, public, or residential building project. We look forward to meeting you.

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